Joyce’s First Post

As a physical therapist for twenty-five years, I have helped people rehabilitate their bodies.  At the same time, I have seen how a small investment in organizing documents,  living space and more can pay big dividends in physical and emotional health for individuals and for families.

I have watched a client’s eyes light up when she can quickly find some old photos that she wants to share with grandchildren. I have witnessed family communication improve when everybody sees that the personal information of their loved one is clearly organized and accessible.  I have seen clients’ stress decrease  after I organize their living space, daily schedules, and bill paying process.  I have met doctors who assure me that they can make efficient and informed decisions when patients  can quickly provide accurate medical history and contact information.  Particularly at times of illness,  families and caregivers need to know where to find these critical documents.  At such times,  organization can be life-saving as well as life enhancing.

I can help you reorganize for health, peace of mind and empowerment.  Please call me to discuss how that might work for you.